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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions about Vrex, Virtual Reality, BIM, CAD, and related subjects that we are asked often. See the collection below:

Is Vrex Augmented Reality? (AR)
No, Vrex is Virtual Reality (VR) and screen-based.

VR is suitable for viewing models wherever the context of the room is irrelevant. Such as an office, meeting room, at home, or wherever you are when you need to review and discuss construction plans with others.

AR is used to add digital content on top of real objects and has the most benefits in locations where the location itself is a relevant part of the context. Such as the construction site, during assembly, or maintenance.

Make sure to decide what problem you are looking to solve, before deciding if VR, AR, or both is right for you.
Can Vrex use wireless VR headsets, such as Oculus Quest 2
Vrex does support the Oculus Quest 2, but only with the link cable.
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